Why do you need a custom email address for your business?

Why do you need a custom email address for your business?

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First impressions count in business. And when asked for your email address, if you rattle off yourname@emailprovidername.com as your business email address, you will likely do more harm than good. Why? Because there is no mention of your business name in your email and what is instead highlighted is the email provider like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. A custom email address (yourname@yourbusinessname.com) goes a long way in forging your business identity and credibility.


 The principal benefit of having a custom email address is that it adds to your business' professional appeal.


Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a branded email address.


1. Build professional trust

The principal benefit of having a custom email address is that it adds to your business' professional appeal. If you are regularly emailing your customers, clients or potential prospects and your email communication is using a free email account (such as @gmail.com, @yahoo.com etc.) instead of a custom email address, it can damage your brand image. 


A custom email address thus becomes important as it helps in establishing trust as well as your brand.   


2. Credible

In business, it is vital to building a relationship of trust with the customer. Communicating with customers using a branded email address ensures they know they’re dealing with the right people. Customers trusting your business adds to the credibility of your business. There are chances your customer thinks it is a spam email with an unbranded email address because it doesn't display your identity.


3. Build your brand

Think about it. Every email that you send using a branded email address helps in the marketing and branding of your business. Why waste energy promoting @yahoo @gmail, @hotmail, etc. when you could promote your business instead!

With a branded email address like yourname@yourcompanyname.com, the customer knows s/he can go to yourcompanyname.com to find out more about your company and this endorses your brand. You can buy a custom domain name here.


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4. Great flexibility and control 

If you are a growing business with multiple divisions, having a dedicated email address for each vertical offers greater flexibility and control. For instance, you can send your customer marketing mailers from marketing@yourbusiness.com and any queries can be answered from the support@yourbusiness.com ID.


Apart from this, if a team member leaves the company, you need not worry about confidential data being misused as they would not be using their personal email address but a custom one. Also, the control of the email address can easily be passed on to the new team member.


 5. Ease of communication

Finding an email address in an inbox can be tedious if all you know is the company name and the email in question has a generic domain name. On the other hand, if your email address ends with a custom domain, finding an email is comparatively simpler. 


This helps your customers and clients to contact you easily, thereby fostering right and secure communication channels. Excellent communication is the key to growth.

A custom email domain is good for your business image as it helps build trust, credibility and confidence with clients and customers. Investing in a custom email address also aids in marketing your business better.


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