3 ways to manage stress

3 ways to manage stress

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Pramod Veturi

Pramod Veturi

161 week ago — 4 min read

No one likes to feel stressed out.

I, like anybody else, experience stressful and overwhelming moments, and at times, those moments can get pretty intense.

Over the years, I have learned a few techniques that help me wind down from tense, emotional states.

I welcome you to try any of these strategies if you feel they might help you as well.

1. Slow down and ease up

When I feel impatient or stressed, I tend to start working faster naturally. And, in the process, I become less aware of my inner state and the surroundings. My stress sabotages my self-awareness.

The drive to keep working is strong. But when I sense that the tension is starting to build up, I take a few moments to stop what I am doing, close my eyes and tune into my sensations. I do a quick body scan to become aware of where there is the tension building up. For me, often, tension builds up in my shoulders and lower back.

I then slow down my breathing and consciously welcome deep breaths into my stomach while bringing my awareness to my shoulders and lower back. I let the tension flow out of me by slowing down my breath. 

Getting into a meditative state helps me ground and center myself silently.   

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2. Change perspective

I think we have all experienced this at some point in our working life. You are working in the same spot on the same thing for hours. You lose a sense of time while emotions intensify and stress builds up inside you.

When I find myself in a situation like this, I try to shift my perspective in a couple of ways. I talk to my wife/friend, and I change my setting. Often, I try to do both simultaneously.

My wife and I go for a walk or drive around the block, and through my conversation with her, I get a new perspective, some unique insight, and much-needed reassurance. And, I snap out of the stressful state in an instant.

Sometimes changing the perspective is all that is needed to get out of a stressful situation.  

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3. Practice patience

When you are in the grip of stress, all you can do is pull yourself back and ease up. It is like the horse has bolted the stable, and you can only try to get it back.

But, there is always a way to prevent the horse from bolting in the first place, not allowing that stress to build up in the first place.

I practice patience in moments when there is no stress. When I am stuck in traffic, getting delayed for an important meeting, I look at it as an opportunity to practice patience - to not get irritated and stay calm. When my conversations with my clients don’t go the way I expected, It is an opportunity for me to practice patience and humility- To recognise that I am not in control. Things will not always go as per my wishes.

Experiencing stress is an uncomfortable feeling none of us enjoy. But, it is essential to remember that stress in itself is not abnormal or wrong. What’s important is how efficiently we deal with and manage the stress.

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