5 must-have e-mails for your online store

5 must-have e-mails for your online store


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

22 Mar 2021, 13:38 — 4 min read

Customers can't buy your products if they don't know they exist.


The constant endeavor of retailers, therefore, is to inform potential and existing customers about their products. Even with the rise of social media, good old e-mailers continue to serve this purpose in a clear, direct, and cost-effective manner.


So, what are the different kinds of e-mailers that create maximum impact? Here are five must-have e-mails for your online store.


1. Welcome e-mail

Welcome e-mails are sent out when a customer creates an account on your eStore or subscribes to your newsletter. Welcome e-mailers allow you to greet new subscribers. These e-mails are known to have a much higher average open rate. They can help you make a great first impression and drive customers to your online store.


2. Engagement e-mail

Engagement e-mails are ideally sent to subscribers 2-3 days after they have subscribed. This ensures that they don’t forget about your business and at the same time don’t feel bombarded with e-mails from you. An average office worker receives 50+ e-mails daily; your engagement e-mail, therefore, must deliver value and stand apart. Engage your audience with tempting offers that are hard to ignore. You can also use them to entice your subscribers to buy new products and update them about festive offers.


3. Order confirmation e-mail

An order confirmation e-mail is sent out by an online store immediately after a customer completes a purchase. It's the safety net for online shoppers, as it acts as proof of purchase with the details of their order and the estimated time of delivery. These e-mails strengthen customer trust.


4. Thank you e-mail

Thanking your audience goes beyond acknowledging their subscriptions or orders. It makes them feel special and recognises that they are the reason you're in business. By showing gratitude, you strengthen bonds. Along with thanking customers, you can also suggest to the other products to purchase. You can also ask customers to write a review for your product and refer friends for amazing discounts. 


5. Win-back e-mail

This e-mail is ideally sent a few days after the customer’s purchase date. Win back e-mails, also known as retargeting e-mails, leverage the information you already have about your customers. Based on your customers’ buying history and preferences, you can send curated offers. Target upsells to individuals who have already shown interest in particular products.


For e.g., if it seems that a customer is going to buy an entry-level product, you can upsell to them by promoting an upgrade to a mid-range or premium product.


99% of consumers check their e-mails every day; you must therefore leverage email marketing to promote your products, build your customer relationships, announce exciting offers, and boost your sales.


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