5 tips to make 2022 the year of dynamic progress

5 tips to make 2022 the year of dynamic progress

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‘We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are’ – Max Depree

As we reflect over the past turbulent year and we look forward to an uncertain future, there is but one thing that holds true…the human nature to overcome any challenge.

The pandemic swept mercilessly across nations, plunging the world into chaos. Countless lives lost. Countless lives changed forever. Work life balance teetered to a null point. Sitting in a room in front of a video call became the new normal for many.

Adapting quickly to the sudden change was crucial for survival.

Here are my 5 tips to make your year 2022 the year of dynamic progress:

1. Lay out all your options – roadmap
It’s never too late to create a new roadmap and make new choices. The pandemic may have thrown a curveball, but that doesn’t mean we fall or fail. Look for different opportunities to change the way you work. If one doesn’t work, there will bound to be another. Simplify what your end goals are and work towards that.

2. Learn something new
Pandemic or no pandemic, everyone should make it a priority to learn something new when the chance presents itself. Let’s face it, there are some advantages to working from home! No morning traffic to conquer, thus reducing stress - leading to more productivity. You can work independent of location, more leisure time for the things you have always wanted time for and much more.

There are countless ways you can add skills to your kitty, whether it relates to your job or not. The internet presents an infinite number of ways to achieve these. Wanted to learn how to play the guitar? Take up a writing course? Learn to create a fancy Instagram Reel video? This is a great time to get to it.


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3. Adapt to new technologies to use them more efficiently
Technology exists to aid, not hinder. It can be daunting to try something you have never tried before. Nowadays you can pay your gas bills, order groceries, buy pajamas online or start watching a movie all with a click of a button. If you haven’t already, find out and learn to use different apps that maybe useful to your everyday life - for example, mindfulness apps like Headspace and Breethe. Or reading apps like Kindle and Goodreads.

4. Read up on success & failure stories for inspiration
Open up your laptop and Google up stories of how people adapted to new things. It’s always great to get new insights from people from all walks of life and learn what worked or what didn’t. These show that humans can adapt and survive in any situations, thus giving you a motivational boost in your own life.

5. Talk to people, make connections
Everybody is cruising in the same boat. With lockdowns, the world turned digital. We couldn’t imagine a day without the Internet. Wonderfully this allowed more inclusivity. We are now able to connect with a far greater number of people than ever before.  The face of remote working has already gone through drastic changes and will continue to do over the coming years. This is a great time to be having more connections with people – that could potentially lead to new business dealings, referrals, and even long-term associations.

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We still don’t know how 2022 is going to present itself. With different variants ravaging the globe, we need to keep every door of opportunity open. Accepting and embracing positive changes around you will propel you into a brighter and happier future.


Stay safe. Wear a mask.


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