Are you a good boss? A checklist

Are you a good boss? A checklist

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GlobalLinker Staff

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Being a boss is not always easy. Managing teams comes with a huge responsibility and there might be times when you are plunged knee-deep into puddles of self-doubt. Being in a C-suite position can be demanding and it is difficult to assess how you are performing. If you too are feeling the same, then you are not alone.

A good boss is an amalgamation of many things but above all strives to bring in positivity and innovation to the workplace. So, how do you know if you are a good boss? Here is a checklist to help you with the same.

Here is a 12 point checklist of a good boss.

1. Clear vision

A good boss has a clear vision about the company h/she is working for. This also helps them provide the right direction to the team they are heading and motivates them to do a good job. The major aim of a good boss should be to constantly motivate their employees and steer them towards growth.

2. Appreciates efforts

A good boss doesn’t demand perfection, they appreciate efforts. They lead by example and give their employees the freedom to express their thoughts, ideas and imaginations. They understand that it is natural to fail sometimes but the beauty lies in making sincere efforts.

3. Customised approach

A good boss understands that every person is different and each individual has a different approach and way of working. They respect that individuality and instead of following the cookie-cutter approach, they understand the wavelength of each team member and work accordingly.

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4. Builds personal relations

By this we don’t mean that a boss should get inside the private lives of h/her employees. But a good boss should care enough to value h/her employees and understand their situation when time demands. Feeling valued will automatically make the employee more motivated to work towards their goals thereby benefiting both the parties.

5. Respectful of employees’ dreams and aspirations

A good boss dedicates h/her time into understanding the aims of their team members. They respect their team members and are actively working towards helping employees realise their visions.

A good boss isn’t a micromanager but at the same time has a clear understanding of what their team members are currently working on. 

6. Not a micromanager

A good boss isn’t a micromanager but at the same time has a clear understanding of what their team members are currently working on. You challenge them from time to time and allow them the space to work on interesting projects and ideas.

7. Brings in humor

Work, when it gets too serious can’t be enjoyed. It is important to have a light environment where employees can actually have fun while working too. A good boss understands this and lightens up the workplace by engaging in healthy jokes and friendly banter.

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8. Responsible

Taking the responsibility of a mistake and holding oneself accountable is an essential quality of a good boss. This promotes integrity at workplace where your team members get to learn from you.

9. Gives constant feedback

Work without feedback becomes monotonous and in order to keep employees motivated, a periodic feedback is essential. Good bosses provide that. This also opens up more room for learning and improvement.

10. Engages in team-building activities

Team building activities are important to keep the energy running high amongst employees. Afterall, if you aren’t enjoying the work, you aren’t living your life fully. A good boss understands this and organises team building activities like team lunch and games etc. to make the environment more productive.

11. Open to change

A good boss understands that change is the only constant and doesn’t shy away from learning and adapting new things that can benefit the company and its employees. They understand that in order to promote a culture of innovation at work place, changes are a must.

12. Is a good teacher

Last but not the least; a good boss is also a great teacher. They provide their employees the right blend of mentorship and constructive criticism to bring out the best in them.

It is only normal to doubt yourself at times but as a good boss, you understand that authority doesn’t lead to leadership. In order to be remembered long after you have left the organisation, you need to set an examples for the next generation of team leaders.

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