Benefits of learning German language

Benefits of learning German language

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Sahil Sharma

Sahil Sharma

30 Jan 2021, 17:00 — 3 min read

According to a Chinese proverb - To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.

I believe that learning the German language is very beneficial and in this article I will explore its scope, career options and job opportunities.  The key motivating factors to learn the language include fabulous salary for language specialists, higher studies in Germany for free, immigration, and the pursuit of a long-cherished hobby. Whatever may be your reason, the German language opens up a career full of never-ending opportunities. This language is a good investment not only linguistically, but also in terms of economic opportunities, networking potential, and culturally also it is a worthwhile choice. 

Listed are the reasons why learning German is a good idea


1. German is easy to acquire

German and English belong to the West Germanic language family i.e., the same language family tree. Knowledge of the English language can be an advantage for those who choose to learn German. This is because English and German are inherited from the same Germanic root. Consequently, there are thousands of words that are closely related and seem to be the same. Besides there is no new alphabet to learn as in other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, or Arabic. 


2. German is the pathway to a world-class higher education

German is a preferred language in the science community. In fact, Germany’s universities have an excellent international reputation. In the year 2011, Germany was the fourth most popular destination for students from abroad with millions of foreigners being enrolled in German schools. In addition to all, the German system for higher education gives admission to scholars and researchers at a very low or non-existent tuition fee in a number of German universities. Learning German can let a student save a lot of money. 


3. Germany is an economic powerhouse

The business world should consider brushing up on their Deutsch as German is not an option for academics only. Germany is the biggest economy within the European Union and the fourth largest internationally. It is home to several international businesses. The schooling system in Germany is set up in a way that every German citizen knows at least some English, although talking with someone in their native tongue is a sign of good faith that is respected everywhere. 


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