Harness energy flows with Vastu & Feng Shui for better life outcomes

Harness energy flows with Vastu & Feng Shui for better life outcomes

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Harshit Kapadia

Harshit Kapadia

336 week ago — 8 min read

Positive energy in your environment can impact your mood, work ethic and indeed decisions. Negative energy does the same in an adverse way. Given the role that the environment plays on determining how we operate, it becomes crucial to ensure we give ourselves the best possible chance of fulfilling our immense potential by surrounding ourselves with positive energy. 

There are ancient studies that analyse the movements of energy and talk about how its forces can be harnessed to create an atmosphere conducive to work and growth. The Ancient Indian tradition is Pyra Vasta and Feng Shui is the Ancient Chinese art. Both, though different in their methods and scope, address the question of how your surroundings can be designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for you.


Pyra Vastu and Feng Shui are study and analysis of the movement of energy. Energy is invisible to many human senses, but it does exist. It is the life force that powers all actions from the internal workings of a body to the dynamics of a property. Its movement is similar to the movements in nature where rivers follow the patterns of the landscape.


Most people have experienced walking into a house or a building and instantly liking the way it feels, or instantly disliking it. Probably many people have also experienced how this response is not simply a matter of decor or style, since a negative feeling may persist despite attempts to improve the house. In the case of the ‘feel good’ building, it may feel good in spite of the style and decor not being to your usual taste, or even being a little dilapidated. And how about people for whom life is suddenly going really well, or really badly? Have you ever heard anybody say: “It’s been ever since I moved into that house?” Well, Pyra Vastu and Feng Shui is about taking the guesswork out of these responses and experiences, and about increasing the extent of the positive responses.


The quality of energy in any building is determined by a host of complex factors, including the location of the premises, the direction it faces, the direction which the front and back doors face, colours, external surroundings and shape or form.


The property as a living entity: It must breathe. It must receive sufficient quality and quantity of energy, which is affected by external features and also orientation of doors. Doors pump energy in and out of a property.


Life is a huge canvass – throw your chosen colours and take pleasures out of it. The number of sketches, the combination of colours, the definiteness of shapes and small strokes makes your canvass harmonious and energetic.


Just as a little different stroke or a dash of colour can enhance the beauty of the canvass, in true life too, a small difference in the way to keep things or the way you sleep or sit can add colours to your life, your family and your environment.  Difference is what makes life a bliss or miss. Bring happiness and peace in life with just a re-setting your furniture, choosing the right colours for your walls or even placing an object of art in your living room, bedroom, office, factory, etc. Mother Nature has been kind to us with beautiful things in life. How we perceive them and how we use them will express the quality of life we live.


And to help us for a better living, Nature has also guided with various techniques like Pyra Vastu, Yuen Hom, Sam Hap, Space Healing, City Planning to take care of the stress and strains that is creeping in, due to the fast-moving life. These high-tech techniques are a blend of sunlight, art, science, mathematics, architecture, climate, wind, directions, radiation and other natural conditions.



  • Creating a welcoming, efficient and stress-free environment
  • Enhancing career prospects, success, fame, luck and fortune
  • Industries, industrialists and workers find a new sense of purpose, teamwork and prosperity
  • Clarity and creativity in thoughts for better decisions
  • Maximize energies for happiness, good health
  • More harmony at work and home
  • Business Management, Hotel Management, Stress Management, etc. have established their position to benefit the organisations, likewise this is a scientific & futuristic approach of Energy Management to make things happen.


Is it practical and easy?

Of course, it is.  It is impractical and impossible to restructure the premises. Like every problem has a solution, we too can conveniently rebalance the imperfection using various computations and formulas of re-arranging furniture, using appropriate colours, applying good design principles and using plants. Systemic application helps you to gain positive energy, motivation, confidence which when blend with your efforts will bring great success in relationship, in carrier, fame, etc. It is road to success.


How different we are from others: 

As two individuals are different, the same Vastu or Feng Shui principles cannot yield similar results to both.  Authentic Vastu and Feng Shui is used for enhancing the energy flow and creating a balance. It adds a layer to architecture and interior design. Remedies are used when certain things are impractical to achieve, however, remedies are simple like use of colours, shapes, art and designs, it’s very organic. Use of wind chimes, frogs, etc. is not required in authentic Feng Shui. There is no need to make your place look like an art gallery by placing various Vastu / Feng Shui tools. Remedies can be subtle and hidden.


The theory is not a ritual or to do with any tradition or religion, it is scientific tool to analyse property and energy flow. Many people have a tendency to approach different consultants and show their properties and take suggestions, each individual has their own school of thoughts and that leads to confusion and clashes. It is important to stick to one consultant whom you have faith and trust. It is also important to consider date of birth of occupants while analysing a property. Each individual requires different energy and Vastu and Feng Shui for each individual is different as per their property and date of birth. Physical energy scanning of property helps in understanding the quantum of energy present, whether it is in excess, weak, is there a leakage or blockage. Once scanning and readings are done, various charts need to be prepared for giving recommendations.


The theory is based on time and space. It changes as per the time and space. Five elements or Pancha Mahabhootas are the basics of cosmic creation which are the base of Vastu and Feng Shui. It is important to achieve balance in five elements in each property.


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