How do I know if I have social anxiety?

How do I know if I have social anxiety?

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sachin bolar

sachin bolar

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There are many people out there who don’t even know why they get conscious during meetings or parties. Why are they not able to express themselves fully with their friends?  Social anxiety is an underrated mental health condition. It is ignored by many because they think that people may make fun out of it. But to become a healthy person and to achieve success, it is important to know your own self and work on social anxiety, if you have any. 

Below are some signs and symptoms of social anxiety to help you understand your mental health condition:

You are less interested in visiting any event

Many of your friends are calling you out for their birthday party or hangout, but you are not interested in going there. However, at previous times you visited a lot of parties, but all of a sudden, you get anxious while you meet them.

You continuously look after your appearance

Although you have tried your best to get out of your space and visit someone, you constantly get anxious over how you look. You often keep on checking your dress or your hair. Most of the time, you just go to the washroom to check out your physical appearance.

You don’t feel like having conversations

There is a meeting with all of your friends and close ones, but you hesitate to start the conversation or even continue an ongoing discussion with them. You keep on judging yourself. You always think twice before speaking anything, because you are quite anxious about how someone else will think about you.

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You are less interested in making new friends

This is one of the prominent symptoms seen in every person who has social anxiety. You try to keep your circle small. Even after you have attended a party where there are lots of amazing people, there is always a hesitation in you to go and talk to them.

You are always excuse ready!

When in social anxiety, you become a master in making excuses. You keep on telling people that you have lots of work to do, although you are just free doing nothing at home. You always have an excuse built up in your mind to tell your friends.

You think and edit multiple times a photo before posting it

People and crowds make you anxious and so as social media. Either you don’t have a social media account, or if you do have, you just keep it for the sake of viewing others. If you ever feel like posting any picture, you would edit it thrice or more than that to stay assured on your part. You get anxious about the number of likes, comments, and reach on your posts.

You sweat through fear while talking to someone

This symptom usually happens when you are going through social anxiety for so long. You will frighten yourself up, and sometimes you may even sweat a lot. Most of the time, the person having social anxiety gets fainted because of the crowd.


You are less confident about yourself!

Whenever you write your exam or go out for an interview, there’s a lot of self-doubt in you. Sometimes you may be good than other people, but your self anxiety disorder is ruining you up. 

How can you treat yourself from social anxiety?

There is a difference between being shy and social anxiety. If you find any of the above situations relating to yourself, then it is high time for you to speak about it. To grow and succeed in the present and future, it is important to come out of the shell, and social anxiety can be a hard shell for you. 

Getting over this mental health problem all alone is a bit difficult because you would be unstable. So, try to seek treatment for social anxiety from a mental health professional. You will ha e to attend some sessions, and you will see different positive changes in you, like improved communication, healthy social life, and a lot more!


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