How to effectively manage remote teams

How to effectively manage remote teams

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Mathew Isac

Mathew Isac

216 week ago — 3 min read

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the way we work and work from home has now become the new normal. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative for business owners, managers and human resource personnel to have a clear framework to manage their team effectively. Here are a few aspects for team leaders to keep in mind.

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Maintaining the emotional health quotient

  • Keep your employees feeling connected, prevent isolation
  • Set up meeting with remote employees to monitor and improve their emotional well-being – focus on optimal frequency for your meetings
  • Identify the unique ways to collaborate
  • Solve their fears, address concerns

Maintaining & building accountability

  • Give employees more autonomy, and freedom
  • Create a Weekly Meeting Rhythm to keep your team accountable and productive
  • Use ‘Minimally Viable Components’ to make delegating easier and faster (while still maintaining sufficient control over deliverables)

Mastering virtual meetings

  • Use a Checklist - what do you hope to achieve from this meeting?
  • Clear agenda, timelines and managing the meeting flow
  • Share the rules of the meeting in advance

Critical productivity tactics

  • Set aside time to complete critical tasks to achieve optimal efficiency
  • Create a weekly Productivity Map
  • Be aware of key barriers to working remotely

Technology tools & rules for hassle-free functioning

  • Ensure that the team is aware of the 'Tech Stack’
  • Create and circulate FAQs with respect to connectivity, VPN access, echoes
  • Address queries on security / data concerns

Leadership mindsets to adopt

  • Acknowledge fears of self and team working remotely
  • Be aware of the benefits and potential pitfalls of working remotely
  • Build on competencies and adapt your working style to accommodate the new normal
  • Seek coaching / mentoring help, if required

How to effectively manage remote teams

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