In a gig economy soft skills matter

In a gig economy soft skills matter

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Suraj Rengan

Suraj Rengan

210 week ago — 4 min read

Jobs have mostly been full or part-time for years now, but due to various economic forces, there will be a considerable shift seen towards the gig economy. More and more people are beginning to take on a variety of short-term jobs, also known as gig, which include jobs like freelancing, temporary employment, and jobs in the sharing economy.

No one has been taught to use WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. neither did you attend any training sessions, still, everybody has mastered these apps. But, then why complain that no one ever told you about learning soft skills?


If you are pursuing your higher education, you may read this (even for the proud dropouts). You are busy with your studies and enjoying the best part of your life, but here is something that can be an eye-opener for you.


We realise Facebook is essential, install it, and you are very active in sharing your stories, adding friends of friends, creating pages, hosting watch parties.


No one has been taught to use WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. yet everybody has mastered these apps. But, then why complain that no one ever told you about learning soft skills?


We then realised that Instagram might make us popular with our photos /posts! We all like to be recognised, excellent! You indirectly sell yourself on Instagram. We post the best of ourselves in the best attire and wear our unparalleled attitudes.


With your crazy 5-sec videos on TikTok or Youtube, having millions of views and you are a celebrity for that day. You forget your inhibitions, your shyness, and by the end of the final year, you expect to get a job perfect. You may get it.


But if you do not complain if you have not installed some applications that help your soft skills like - communication, aptitude, analytical, problem-solving, interview tips, etc.


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In Europe/ US, students undergo a psychometric assessment to map their Aptitude, Intelligence, Interest, and personality on a scale that decides which career/ business/ course, etc. suits you the best. It is an extended test and very successful in determining your future career! Numerous apps are available for the same too.


Do not tell that no one told you to improve your communication skills. Nonetheless, now, I am telling you. If you don’t find any, let us know. We can suggest!


MNCs highly welcome resources handling multilingual proficiency than their professional or mandatory skills, which can be imparted through in-house training. Foreign language proficient candidate is a hot cake, so try using apps that help you gain that talent.


Also, try to understand what the real world expects from you and learn those skills. Recruitments will now be differentiated into pre and post COVID. Mark my words, the world is moving towards a gig economy.


Gain skills after skills, gain certifications after certifications, attend webinars that suit your aptitude and align with your skills, or top-up your knowledge level. You have a lot of time right now.


Same as you tried impressing your friends with all the social media apps, use the same skill to impress your employer to grab your dream job and secure your career.


Please don’t miss your chance now!


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