Lessons in prosperity from the owl

Lessons in prosperity from the owl

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Anirudh Gupta

Anirudh Gupta

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It is said that nature is the greatest teacher. For centuries the owl has been a symbol of wisdom and foresight. In Hindu mythology, the owl has the distinction of being the vahana (chariot) of goddess Lakshmi. On the occasion of Diwali, the festival of lights, harmony and prosperity, let’s look at some important investment lessons that we can learn from the wise owl.

1. The owl can turn its neck by 270 degrees

The ability to turn its neck by 270 degrees, helps the owl to change direction in the dark and assume a favorable position. If an investor has flexibility like the owl and can change their mindset as per the demands of the situation, then they can not only preserve capital but also grow it.

To give an example of this in day to day investing, if one has a flexible mindset to create wealth, changes are higher. The markets change every couple of quarters from a portfolio point of view. Four years back the trend was midcap, it has shifted to large cap since the last two years. One needs to see what is working. Most people are passive investors, and this is where an advisor can play a key role.

2. The owl hunts silently

Unlike most birds which make a sound while hunting, the owl hunts silently without alerting its prey. This helps it to gather its food faster and more efficiently.

Similarly, for an investor it is wise not to brag about your profitable positions and silently do the profit booking in a timely manner, if you notice a change in trend. This discipline can help you be a more effective investor.


3. The owl has a very strong defense mechanism

The owl can fly in any direction when it is being attacked. The same principle should be applied when your portfolio is under attack from different situations such as fed rate hike, rise in crude prices and geopolitical risks.

The portfolio needs to be built from a risk of protecting a capital erosion. That is the essence of protecting your hard earned money in volatile times. As an investor in good times one needs to be prepared for bad times and in bad times have the awareness that things will look up again.


4. The owl has a strong night vision

As it hunts at night, the owl has great night vision. It has a deep view.

Similarly, as an investor one needs to have foresight and the ability to ignore short-term swings in markets. Products don’t make one rich, behaviour makes one rich. Unfortunately, regardless of education and professional standing, the right behavior and attitude cannot be taught. Eg: In the global context Warren Buffett is a thought leader and inspiration for many investors. If you see investors in the Indian context, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala qualifies as an eminent investor.

There have been people from humble backgrounds who have the right attitude and find tremendous success and there are people from affluent backgrounds who end up in bankruptcy. It’s the alignment with the vision which counts.

May the goddess Lakshmi bless you and your loved ones through thick and thin. If you imbibe lessons from the owl your investment journey can be even more fruitful.


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