Packaging for shipping: Tips to ensure safety of ecommerce shipment

Packaging for shipping: Tips to ensure safety of ecommerce shipment

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Yogesh Gupta

Yogesh Gupta

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Summary: Winning in the ecommerce space requires many elements to be in place, but a sound logistics and packaging strategy is an absolute essential. Learn how this can be done.


First impressions count. In an e-commerce business, secure packaging not only protects your product but is also the first impression the customer forms of your business. Creative and secure packaging is therefore vital and an opportunity for the business to create a positive brand identity. Packaging should thus be an integral part of every business’ marketing strategy. Moreover, proper packaging ensures that goods are not damaged, thereby minimising the chances of customers returning the goods, and thus reducing business costs. 

Benefits of safe packaging
Efficient packaging plays a vital role in ensuring safe shipping of your products and moreover, builds your reputation as a trustworthy brand. As a sender, the onus is on you to ensure that the person opening your parcel at the other end does not find damaged goods.


Here are some simple guidelines for safe packaging.

1. Use your sense organs to determine if the package is travel worthy 

  • Eyes – check for leakages, tears or bulges
  • Ears – check for a rattling sound to ensure that the package is not loosely packed. Loosely packed items can easily break especially if they are fragile.
  • Smell – check for any leakage or puncture
  • Touch – hot or cold temperature can indicate any chemical that is leaking


2. Box should be rigid with flaps intact. Ensure that there is proper taping.


3. Make sure that there are no holes, tears or corner dents in the outer box.


4. Labelling

  • Labels should be properly pasted on the largest side of the shipment so that it can be read easily. 
  • Labels should not be around a corner or directly on an edge of the shipment.
  • Labels with barcodes should not be pasted at the centre of the box as the barcode gets damaged
  • Address must be readable


5. Retail/ Tax invoice should be fixed on shipment

6. Following shipments are unacceptable:

  • Waybill No. – bardcode is missing
  • Damaged barcode (DBO)
  • Barcode not correctly pasted on one face
  • Consignee address missing/ unreadable (small font)Proper and mindful packaging is worth the effort. Follow these guidelines to ensure a safe delivery of your shipment.


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