Reflecting on Father’s Day: What my father means to me

Reflecting on Father’s Day: What my father means to me


Krishi Dutt

Krishi Dutt

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Summary: Fathers play a crucial role in our formative years. Their influence lives with us in our thoughts and actions and view of the world long after we grow up. Krishi Dutt pays a beautiful tribute to his father this Father’s Day.


Growing up, I always cherished how my father showered his love and affection on the entire family. My father truly loved and respected my mother and helped with the household chores. This left a deep impact on me. In all his relationships, my father was honest, sincere, humble and at the same time fearlessly stood up against injustice. He always maintained good relations with his friends. Consequently, he would feel hurt when people whom he always helped turned their back on him. My father was a generous host and ensured that every visitor to our home was welcomed and offered food.

With his children, he was a hard taskmaster and set high standards of excellence. My father would be disappointed with my failures but always encouraged me to try again and not give up hope. Any irresponsible behavior was not condoned in our home.

My father always insisted that we treat everyone with the utmost respect and also respect ourselves.  


Lessons from my father

It is my father who taught me to dream big and work hard to realise those dreams. My father often shared his own experiences with us so that we could learn from his life-journey.

As I grew up, my upbringing gave me insights on empathy, motivation, persistence, assertion, self esteem, optimism, humility, responsibility, self-improvement, vision, hope, trust and objectivity.


These are all important lessons for an aspiring entrepreneur. Further, my father encouraged me by saying, “You work for yourself as long as you want, become more responsible towards your colleagues, their families and society as you generate employment and contribute to the country’s growth”.


Till date, I like to discuss various situations with him. He objectively lists out the pros and cons and encourages me to make a decision. He has always believed, “If you like something in a shop window, buy it, if you think too much someone else will buy it and then you will regret it.”


This is very true for an entrepreneur -- an opportunity that is not seized is an opportunity lost.


A deeply touching memory

Once I overheard him tell a friend, “I was going through a hard time financially. My 21-year-old son got his first pay cheque and started contributing towards running our home. How can I ever forget this?”

This conversation that I happened to overhear, still brings tears to my eyes and fills me with pride.



My father is not the 'best father in this world'. Every father qualifies for this title in his own way. I end this tribute with a sincere advice - take good care of your father and mother and spend time with them, listen to them, take them on holidays, give them your love and you will see blessings come your way. After all what goes around comes around.


Thank you father.

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