Seven ways your small business can improve its marketing

Seven ways your small business can improve its marketing


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Small businesses are usually strapped for cash. They don’t have endless resources at their disposal with which to come up with marketing strategies and implement them on a grand scale. However, there are certainly a few things that are well within the power of an SME to do. These seven tried and tested ways of increasing your imprint may provide some food for thought:


1. Optimise content - Make sure that keywords potential clients will search for on the web can be found in your website content. This allows for an increase in traffic to your website and allows you to reach your target audience in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.


2. Identify & leverage your differentiating factor - Creating a differentiating factor allows you to hone your product and service offerings. Sometimes, you might have a differentiating factor but you are just not aware of it. A differentiating factor could be quality at a great price, or a unique offering could mean that you can charge a premium for your product.


3. Write blogs or articles - Blogs are still relevant. Write a blog about your products and services. Use it as a way to showcase your differentiating factors and hook potential clients and consolidate the existing clientele. Use articles to show expertise in a certain area and become an ‘influencer’ in your arena.


4. Publish a book/fashion yourself as an expert - Publishing a book or writing industry-related articles can make you an influencer, someone who influences public opinion in your domain and making your products and services more sought after.


5. Start using social media - Get to work on social media. Social media is essentially free and has a wide reach. Brands are made because of their social media strategies. Leverage these tools and make the most of the opportunity.


6. Research your rivals - Do some research. Learn about what you are competing against and who is taking a share of the pie that you want and how. Insights generated by such research can be used to bolster your business and it is almost a must for any small business.


7. List your business on GlobalLinker – GlobalLinker is a growing community of SMEs, startups & businesses. Creating an account on GlobalLinker will open the door to a host of networking opportunities, special offers and you can also list your business on GlobalLinker which will create greater awareness for your product/ service.

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