Staying motivated during tough times

Staying motivated during tough times


Butz Olivares Bartolome

Butz Olivares Bartolome

135 week ago — 4 min read

There are tough times in life where we find ourselves in difficult situationswhether it's a breakup, job loss, financial problems, or health issues.


We tend to get stuck in these situations because we become overwhelmed and feel like we can do nothing to change the situation. 


And although it is not easy to be motivated as our reasons may vary from one person to another, we may start by talking about motivation. What is it? Is there any way to motivate yourself when times seem challenging or even impossible? The answer is yes! It's just a matter of how much effort and determination you put into it and what kind of motivation you need to get started on the task at hand.


Here are some tips to stay motivated during these trying times: 


1. Optimism is a powerful force in business. Don't stop thinking about your future! It will help you remain optimistic with achievable goals when things don't go as planned.


2. Look at the brighter side. Being happy when times are difficult is a good quality because it gives you a perspective to appreciate the good things in your life. Suppose you're always looking at how bad everything could get and feeling sorry for yourself, you won't ever feel like doing anything about improving your situation. But, looking on the brighter side may help you think about ways where you can make changes.


3. Focus on the positive aspects of your current situation. Focusing on the negative parts of your present circumstances could lead to more stressful times. Think about what is good and right about yourself and others around you, it will help keep you from feeling down or depressed.


4. Embrace changes. It is essential to look back on what matters in life, but you may also make changes to help you achieve success. Don't be afraid of trying something new because you'll never know how good or bad things could turn out for you if you don't try.


5. Keep a gratitude journal. Take time to think about all the good things and quality of life and write them down. Keep this with you at work or at home so that when you are feeling low, you can reflect on what is going well for you. It will help lift your spirits.


6. Remember past triumphs. Think about how you felt when you completed your last project and the satisfaction that came with it. Looking back to where you were and how far you've come is vital for motivation. It will help you see your progress and improvements with your journey.


7. Dream big and plan for the future you want. You cannot change the past, but you may choose how it affects your present. You may prepare a list of all the things in your life right now that are working against you, and then decide how you're going to turn it in your favor. 


With our current situation, the chances are there will be times where you will find it more challenging to keep going. Don't let the setbacks stop you. Be the motivation you need and the change you want to see.


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