Tally Server 9 is made with you in mind

Tally Server 9 is made with you in mind

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Vaibhav Sarse

Vaibhav Sarse

14 May 2019, 10:01 — 7 min read

Background: An enterprise software is a comprehensive business management software that helps you manage your system better. Services provided by such enterprise softwares are usually business oriented tools such as business management, enterprise process management, IT services management, customer relationship management and so on. One such software is known as Tally which is a powerful accounting software. Tally provides comprehensive solutions for accounting, inventory and data integrity. In this article, Vaibhav Sarse shares how Tally Server 9 can help simplify your business.

With a growing business comes the need for enterprise software which not only accelerates the efficiency and productivity of the business but also helps to solve problems which can have a huge impact to the business, if not taken care at the right time. Keeping in mind of such challenges and needs Tally Solutions came up with ‘Tally Server 9’, an enterprise-class product, which helps medium and large-scale businesses manage their tally data in a risk-free environment by providing advanced controls to business owners and IT administrators.

Tally Server 9 works for Tally.ERP 9 gold by catering every request of multiple tally users equally which includes creating transactions to viewing or printing of reports. Every action done by the user in Tally is taken in priority without any delay. Such optimisation of handling real-time request shall surely reduce the problems of Tally hang or Tally working slow and help increase the speed of Tally. Multiple users in Tally shall complete all their day-to-day operational tasks optimally.

Top 5 features of Tally Sever 9

Before diving into the depth of the topic, let us first understand the background or history of Tally and why Tally Server 9 was introduced.

Tally was an accounting software which has now evolved into a complete business management software. It is now not only used to record sales, purchase, debit note, credit note, journal entries, contra, payment entries but also to file GST returns, prepare summary reports, take critical decisions based on these reports, to record employee database, maintain inventory, send emails through Tally, SMS and many more features that are inbuilt, as well as some features, are beyond Tally.

All these features have made Tally the most commonly used business management software among the SMEs as well as large organisations in India.

In a large company, that may have large data and many users, Tally Server 9 acts as a backbone and provides additional support to Tally ensuring the smooth functioning of the Tally software. Often the issue of data concurrency arises which is solved by Tally Server 9. We will discuss it in detail further in this blog. Tally Server 9 magnifies the capabilities of Tally and improves the overall efficiency of Tally in case of large data.


Now that we know why Tally Server 9 was introduced we can now discuss the important benefits it provides to the user.

1. Data security

Tally server 9 provides the ability to hide the path of the data folder. The path of the data folder is where the Tally data is actually saved on the system. Restrict the access of data to the particular system by disallowing the Windows user/user groups of system IP address or name from unauthorised users. This security feature protects the Tally data from theft, unnecessary data alterations, and other data malpractices.

With the growing business comes the need of enterprise software which not only accelerates the efficiency and productivity of the business but also helps to solve problems which can have a huge impact to the business, if not taken care at the right time. 


2. Increased Speed

Often when the number of user increases by a certain number and multiple people work on the same company, the speed of Tally gets affected because of which the waiting time is higher than normal. This problem is solved by Tally Server 9. A user will be able to work faster without impacting each other’s access to the data immediate response during concurrent data access increasing the work performance of the users. Stability with faster response increases the productivity and reliability in the organisation.

3. Concurrency solved

Concurrency issue arises since default Tally is single threaded it cannot process two user commands at a time because of which the users have to wait till the previous user finishes their work. This issue is called concurrency issue. On installation of Tally Server 9, it makes Tally multi-threaded thus it works on multiple user requests simultaneously and eliminates user dependency.

4. Monitoring tool

Tally Server 9 shows the real-time data to the administrator about which user is working on which company. The amount of time a user spends in each company, the number of entries they pass and the time they take to make these entries. All this is shown through a real-time report. Admin can control activities like taking Backup, Restoring data or splitting of the companies, etc.

5. Process optimisation

Using the monitoring tool the administrator/top management can take decisions regarding manpower optimization, resource allocation etc. It helps the organization to improve its efficiency.

These benefits of Tally Server 9 not only improve the performance of Tally but also help the organization to optimize its processes and yield the maximum output out of its resources.


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