WCIT-NLIF 2018: Thought leaders will chart way to fulfil the promise of the Digital Age

WCIT-NLIF 2018: Thought leaders will chart way to fulfil the promise of the Digital Age

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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WCIT-NILF 2018, NASSCOM’s flagship event is taking place from Feb 19-21, 2018 in Hyderabad, India. This year’s theme is Amplify Digital: Disrupt the Core.


The next stage in what is being called the ‘The Digital Age’ is a time that is redefining how SMEs do business. Technology is increasingly allowing SMEs to access resources, networks and knowledge that would have been beyond their reach a few years ago. Conversely, not embracing technological advances can have an adverse impact on the growth potential of a business.


WCIT-NILF 2018 offers an unrivalled opportunity to learn how to digitise your business and set yourself on the kind of growth trajectory that has been the luxury and purview of big businesses. Gain knowledge about the latest technologies that can give your business a launchpad into the future. 


Jet Airways GlobalLinker is the business networking partner for WCIT-NLIF 2018. The endeavour is a step to realising our vision to provide our SME members access to unique networking opportunities and rich insights for growing their business.


Jet Airways GlobalLinker, a digital platform, offers  ‘The big business advantage’ - all the tools necessary for an SME to grow, with one comprehensive digital solution. We recognise that SMEs, if they invest in staying abreast of trends and learning, can propel their businesses to greater heights.


Attend and witness a host of distinguished speakers and thought leaders from different industries as they share their insights on how we can make the most of the Digital Age.

Think Digital 

Hear stories of success, the struggles involved in making enterprises successful and insights into what the business and technological landscape will look like in the coming years. You will be able to chart your SME’s course into the future armed with the best insights from thought leaders. Topics of discussion will include Digitising your business, Blockchain, Internet of Things, the future of business collaboration, how to become a ‘Firm of the Future’ and many other subjects that will explain the present course of business and divine the future.

Attend and gather valuable insights at WCIT-NILF 2018 and this can be the platform from which to launch your SME to greater heights.

Notable speakers at WCIT-NLIF 2018

Andrew Ng - Co-Founder, Coursera

From AI, cars, careers to more - the leader who has disrupted education with a goal to give everyone in the world access to free knowledge.

Edward L. Monser - President, Emerson
A leader who brings technology and engineering together to create global solutions without compromising a world in action.


Shantanu Narayen - CEO, Adobe Systems
Shantanu Narayen has the distinction of being a leader who is leading an already successful company and bringing it greater heights. His move to selling subscriptions to iconic Adobe products on CDs to the Cloud was groundbreaking and risky at the time but has paid huge dividends.


Sadhguru - Isha Foundation
Sadhguru is a much-revered yogi and visionary. He is founder of the Isha Foundation, a non-profit that is involved in social outreach, education and environmental initiatives.


David M. Cote - Chairman & CEO, Honeywell

David M. Cote was acclaimed recently by Barron as one of the World’s Best CEOs from 2013 to 2016. He has been instrumental in shaping American fiscal policy. He previously worked for General Electric and TRW Inc.

Sophia (Robot) - First Citizen Robot, Developed by Hanson Robotics
The Hong Kong based company, Hanson Robotics, may just have developed the face of the future. Capable of 62 expressions and conversation, Sophia is a humanoid that offers a glimpse into the potential of robots in the future.


Jet Airways GlobalLinker is the networking partner for WCIT-NILF 2018. Register here, to avail exclusive discounts on event passes, flight tickets and hotel bookings.


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