What ‘The Avengers’ teaches us about everyday business

What ‘The Avengers’ teaches us about everyday business

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Dipak V

Dipak V

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Background: Entrepreneurs are no less than superheroes who never give up and save the day against all odds. Therefore, it’s quite apt that Dipak V draws parallels between the blockbuster Marvel movie ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and running a business.

I consider myself fortunate to have been able to attend the Avengers: Endgame premiere in Leicester Square in April. Other than the movie being an overwhelmingly epic work of fiction, it does teach us a thing or two that can be applied to everyday business. Don’t worry, no spoilers ahead!

Lesson 1: Everyone has different talents

The Avengers are an eclectic team, some of whom are mutants with enhanced abilities whilst others stand out thanks to their exceptionally high intelligence. The same thought process applies to any team, where no two people are the same, and no two people have the same skill sets. Everyone brings something to the table. A good leader will assess and channel their team members’ individual strengths to determine how they best work as a whole to “win the day”! Yes, it’s true that The Avengers can win individually but it’s when they work together that they can really overcome a formidable enemy – Thanos.


A good leader will assess and channel their team members’ individual strengths to determine how they best work as a whole to “win the day”!

Lesson 2: Everyone works in different way

From Captain America, Iron Man to the Hulk, each and every one of them act, fight and respond to things in their own particular way. Take Captain America “God’s righteous man”, a humble, strong-willed soldier with an unquestionable determination to fight for what is right (in his own words, “I can do this all day”), is generally able to handle conflict with a calm demeanour whilst trying to help everyone work together. Moving on, we have Iron Man, who is highly intelligent, resourceful, and can easily adapt to any situation by crafting a solution using whatever means he has at his disposal. Then there’s the Hulk, who “smashes” everything that gets in his way. When each team member works in a different way; whether that means cool, calm and collected or explosive and unrestrained, the leader, in this case, Nick Fury, must step up and wrangle everyone to keep the team moving as a whole in the same direction.


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Lesson 3: Everyone needs different tools for the job

Captain America has his shield, Thor has his hammer (Mjölnir) and Iron Man has a wide range of suits for all sorts of doomsday scenarios. If you are in a decision-making role at your business, it is you responsibility to ensure that your team is equipped with the right set of tools to be able to perform their duties as effectively as possible. For Sales teams, that may mean having access to Leadfeeder and Pipedrive

For Marketers, it could be a social media management platform like Crowdfire or access to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. New costs may be incurred but if any specific tool allows your team to get their job done faster and more efficiently, why hold them back? Now, I’m not saying you should purchase every tool your team suggests. First, make sure that team members are utilising their current tools to their fullest capabilities and have them make their case as to why they need something new/additional. Give your team the power to show you the tools they need to complete their missions successfully. After all, you’re not doing their job every single day, so you may not know what’s missing.

Share your thoughts on business lessons to imbibe from superheroes!

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