Yes, machines can think

Yes, machines can think

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Simon Roy Pulikal

Simon Roy Pulikal

341 week ago — 3 min read

Technology is the fairy godmother that every business owner longs for.


Running a retail business successfully has always been and will always be about strategy. Looking beyond the horizon these next few years will require every business owner to wear a strategy cap more than ever before.


With the context of a supermarket in mind, a quick trip down memory lane would show how the market and customers have evolved during the past decade. Trends are changing. If you do not believe me, walk down the aisle that has dental care/skin care products; now remember and compare this to how it was a decade ago. Customers dont know what to buy and that is where the opportunity lies in influencing the customer.


While this opportunity is up for the taking, there is one aspect of business that always needs attention. I am referring to operations. Operations, while mundane and tiring, holds the key to making your strategy real. Operations is the bread and butter of every organisation with unexciting but extremely important tasks requiring the time and effort of an entrepreneur regularly. This is not the best use of an entrepreneur’s time in a way as it takes time away from focusing on creating the value proposition.


While there are abundant systems out there to help you with reports and facts, dont you just wish for a fairy godmother to appear and use her wand and make operations run on its own smoothly? Every business owner today wishes for this burden to be taken off their shoulders.


Machines are making this a reality. We have put all our grey matter to work for the past couple of years to create this trustable someone as a ‘machine that can think and learn. Today I can tell you with strong conviction that this machine can help take over your operations department. The story just gets more interesting; you are sure to save nearly 20% of your current inventory without loss of sales. Wouldn’t it be awesome to open a few new stores for free with this reclaimed investment?


The age where machines cannot talk back is becoming history and we are moving into an age where machines can take over operations and tell people what and when to do tasks. Its high time that you think strategically about using the right technology to enable you to be true to your core business.


Yes, machines can think.


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