Pratish Thakur .  

Founder & CEO at C-Way Engineering Exports

Hyderabad, India

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Founder & CEO.

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C-Way Engineering Exports

Hyderabad, India

GST Verified: 36ACIPT5775H1ZZ

Verified as C-Way Exports

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"Delivering Excellence in Flow-Control and Piping Solutions

‘C-Way Engineering Exports’, an ISO 9001:2015 certified and DUNS registered company, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial valves, pipe fittings, flanges, and a trusted supplier of pipes. With 500+ satisfied customers across the world, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products, manufactured with international standards, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Incorporation Type

Sole Proprietorship

Verified Company


Year of Establishment

August 2021

Nature of Business

Manufacturer / Exporter

No. of Employees

31 - 50 People

Annual Turnover ₹25 crore - ₹50 crore

Industry Tools, Machinery & Components > Industrial Machinery

Location(s) Hyderabad (India) |

Business Requirements

Our Products

  • ASTM 304 Stainless steel seamless pipes


    1000 NOS (Numbers) ( Min Order )

  • Best quality Stainless Steel Pneumatic Valve for industries


    100 NOS (Numbers) ( Min Order )

  • Hot Selling Cast Iron 15mm 1Piece Screwed Ends Full Bore Ball Valve For Agriculture and Chemical Industries


    100 NOS (Numbers) ( Min Order )

  • Hot Selling ASTM-A105 Forged Steel Gate Valve A.S.A 800class15mm Manufacturer in India


    100 NOS (Numbers) ( Min Order )

  • Wholesale Best Price ASTM-A105 Forged Steel Globe Valve A.S.A 800class 15mm For petrochemical industry


    100 NOS (Numbers) ( Min Order )

  • Wholesale Factory Supply ASTM-A 105 Forged Steel Check Valve A.S.A 800class 15mm For All Purpose Industries usage


    100 NOS (Numbers) ( Min Order )

  • Manufacturer Supply High Quality A.S.A 150class 300mm Cast Steel Globe Valve Flanged End For Thermal and Nuclear Power Plant


    100 NOS (Numbers) ( Min Order )

  • Most Popular Lowest Price Cast Steel Gate Valve Flanged End ASA 150class 25mm Manufacturer in India


    100 NOS (Numbers) ( Min Order )


    Licenses and Certifications

    Member of Federation Of Indian Export Organizations

    Member of Engineering Export Promotion Council, India

    Member of Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Telangana

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    Key Contacts

    Pratish Thakur

    Founder & CEO



    Primary My Location

    Head-office/Primary office

    A16/204, Sanskruti Layout, Pocharam
    Hyderabad Telangana 500088

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    • 8416

      Furnace burners for liquid fuel, for pulverised solid fuel or for gas; mechanical stokers, including their mechanical grates, mechanical ash dischargers and similar appliances.

    • 8417

      Industrial or laboratory furnaces and ovens, including incinerators, non-electric.

    • 8419

      Machinery, plant or laboratory equipment, whether or not electrically heated (excluding furnaces, ovens and other equipment of heading 85.14), for the treatment of materials by a process involving a change of temperature such as heating, cooking, roasting, distilling, rectifying, sterilising, pasteurising, steaming, drying, evaporating, vaporising, condensing or cooling, other than machinery or plant of a kind used for domestic purposes; instantaneous or storage water heaters, non-electric.

    • 8475

      Machines for assembling electric or electronic lamps, tubes or valves or flashbulbs, in glass envelopes; machines for manufacturing or hot working glass or glassware.

    Pratish Thakur

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