Why is content the online Bible?

Why is content the online Bible?

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Shreya Mantri

Shreya Mantri

416 week ago — 7 min read

The most crucial thing anywhere is ‘content’ which is omnipresent.

We read, write and are very well aware that ‘content is king’.  But a question keeps ringing in our minds as to why is content the online Bible?

Here is how content plays a quintessential role for the success of your business at present, and will play an even more extensive role in the future.

 1.      It’s the digital era

Let us all accept the fact that, we all aspire to become like YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter just to name a few. The bottom line is what do these big brands have in common; their unique product - information. Today, we can access any bits and pieces of information at our fingertips, anytime and within a few seconds.

2.      It’s the way people Google you

Just a simple algorithm, would you like to know how? Here is a quick search engine insight from Google’s perspective. People come here looking for their every quick fix and hence the information.

For Example: The prime motto of Google is to cater to people using their service with the most relevant and reliable information. So, if your blog/website can be the right source of the most recent, relevant as well as credible information in your industry; or solution to any problem that your product/service solves, then, bingo, the search engines will send their people to your information. The Google algorithm is that easy.

Since, the information is just a click away; this is one of the prime reasons why a better online presence, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become the most trending buzz in business. Now you know, and if questioned, why content is king, your answer would be, “the way people find you online!”

3.      It’s the 21st era marketing

Earlier, knowledge was everything, for anything like legal contracts, research reports, etc. One would surely visit several professionals for help in their respective fields. Today, it is an altogether different reality as we only Google to get the right information, check out free templates and create our own.

4.      In today’s marketplace, sharing of knowledge is higher than the knowledge itself

Education and training are the new forms of marketing. The primitive ways through which people learn is by absorbing content via books, speeches, training sessions and so on.

Why so? Because, in the information age the one who assists people in preparing their reports or contracts is enlightening them on how to do it themselves, and hence, building a rapport with them.

In difficult times, who do you think you will turn to; the one helped you in preparing your draft because of his wisdom. In a nutshell, the perception and definition remain intact only the way of doing things is amending.

Now you know, ‘Content is king because education and coaching are the new-age marketing’.

5.      It’s the way people see you

High-value content creation is part and parcel of attracting new customers; marketplace recognises you as knowledgeable and the most credible source and further, differentiates you from the rat race. When you are an individual or a company, you own your industry on Google.

Few great examples of the same concept are TechCrunch, Mashable, etc. These are both Tech blogs who pump out an enormous amount of relevant content and tech-driven business. Both of these big names earn revenue in millions and are highly respectable in the tech communities.

So, the crux is when people ask you, ‘why is content king?’, they are too scared to put themselves out there as your unique content separates you from the cut-throat competition.

6.      It’s share-able

Have you ever wondered why people barely share advertisements; whereas they share content? As people believe in sharing things of value with them and the best ‘content’ is shared amongst their colleagues, friends, families, etc.

Value means different things to different people due to distinct perceptions. Valuable content can be entertaining or controversial for some; for others, it can be helpful or inspirational.

Content creation has a lot of value in itself, and people find those values and share it. Also, it as simple as ABC when reader just needs to copy and paste the respective URL via Social Media posting or send through an email.  Again, ‘content is king’ because it is effortless for others to spread your message!

7.      The missing link

I think by now you are thoroughly convinced that creating high-quality content has become the need of the hour for the success of your business, especially in the digital revolution.  Another thing important thing which most business owners and entrepreneurs miss out is how their content fits into their overall marketing strategies.

Creating high-value content is good, but procreating high-value content strategically is the mandate.

I hope that the valuable information shared with you has made you understand the minuscule detail as to why content is so fundamental in your business and brand.

The fact is, be it a message, a quote, a WhatsApp invitation, a Facebook post of lovely memories, the first and foremost need is ‘content’. In a similar fashion, for a professional article/blog, effective digital marketing, press releases, news reports, daily newspapers, story writing, script for videos or movies again you require ‘content’.

The list is endless as the bottom line is ‘content’ is universally present, only its name differs. 

I surely know by now you would also say just one thing that, the prerequisite everywhere is indeed content, content, content, and content.


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